Monday, May 7, 2018

Loving this Alabama red soil.

Still have this cold that I can't seam to get rid off and now my allergies have kicked in. Don't have any pictures to share right now but we got a new little kitten, well he's not that little but he's still a kitten. Someone was looking for a good home for him and there I was at right place at the right time. James let me keep him yay. But, I let him in the house for the first night, to make him feel welcome, what a big mistake. He was an outdoor kitten, that's the only way I can have cats. I'm highly allergic and oh boy did I mess that up. I'm on my inhaler and have done 4 Albuterol and nothing. I might have to go for a shot, needless to say hubby is not happy. I'm going to be just fine, like always. Will share pics of him soon, so darn cute. 
These are my first Gladiolus blooms, love them. I havent gotten to fertilizing yet.  I just can't get over how wonderful is this red Alabama dirt, a treat for me. I use to garden on top of coral rock.  

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