Saturday, May 24, 2014

Submission projects for Shabbylishious.

I altered these two projects for the design team call that Lele put out for her on line store, SHABBYLISHIOUS.
She really has an amazing on line store full great fun goodies for us to play with. I wanted to alter something that I had never done before and I got the idea of the vintage umbrella from Pinterest. I did a Youtube video explaining how I did them.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I just love these little guys. I got a few of them from a sweet lady at a dinner party we had attended . I kept them in a pot for many years and when I moved here to our home, I planted them in this little space between the wood fence and  the sidewalk. They love it there, I think they like being in a tight space .This spring I'm going to spread some throughout  the garden, lets see what happens.
I just love them because they're one of the very few bulbs that will grow here in zone 10. 

I just love how they look like they're squeezing out from under the fence. I've had folks knock on my door to ask what they are and of course like a good gardener, I'm more than happy to share.

I think hubby secretly likes working in the garden. I know he likes how pretty it all looks when we're all done. This year we're spreading some top soil in all the beads. I'm so excited cause this week I'll get to pick up some Horse pop, yes that's right. I'll keep you posted on that, lol.

                                                         Look how cute, she posed for me.

                            This cute little Orchid, was hiding from me, I almost missed the show.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I got published and I can't believe it.

This project I created in memory of my dad who went to be with the Lord 24 years ago and as a little tribute to my sweet mom too. The mom part is the tail of the kit which is made out of a vintage strand of pearls that reminded me of her.  I will share the project with you once I get it back. Thank you Stampington & Company. 

It's the cute little things that make me happy.

These little aprons looks so sweet that I just had to find a way to display them for a while.

Love her, I think I will make her a pencil holder so that I can keep her on top of my desk and enjoy  her all year long. But for now I get to enjoy her like this.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awwwwwww country life in Alabama.

Just got back from visiting my sister. They live in a beautiful little farm in southern Alabama, they are so happy and glad that they made their move. But, I missed them so much, I love those kids. Well, on a happy note, we had a great family time. I think what I like best about Alabama are the people, so friendly, kind and humble, they remind me of my dad.. Great food, fresh country air and family, it doesn't get better than that. I did get to work a little in her garden, ok so who goes on vacation to garden, me. We also had lots of junking fun, I'll be posting picture of my finds soon. 

This is a new addition to her chicken coop, so cute. 

 These are the Guineas, they roam free and look like little vacuum cleaners eating all the bugs. It's so funny cause I had pajamas that the fabric looked just like the feather patterns of the Guineas and of course my hubby is the one that notice and he kept calling them, Guineajamas, lol.

The vegetable garden is new and they did really well. I just walked out and picked my salad, so nice.

                    This peach tree I planted last year and I can't believe it had little peaches already.

                          This Hydrangea I also planted last year. I missed the blooms but they're coming soon.

                                                            Seeds waiting to be planted.

                 These Roses I also planted last year. I can't believe how healthy and beautiful they looked.

This is our talented friend Beth's beautiful country garden. This is a Wisteria, I had never seen one before, gorgeous. I already looked it up, no chance of growing one in Miami.

                                             What a great idea, I think this is simply beautiful.

         This is the side of her barn, she's so creative, a very hard worker and a great friend to my sister.