Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I just love these little guys. I got a few of them from a sweet lady at a dinner party we had attended . I kept them in a pot for many years and when I moved here to our home, I planted them in this little space between the wood fence and  the sidewalk. They love it there, I think they like being in a tight space .This spring I'm going to spread some throughout  the garden, lets see what happens.
I just love them because they're one of the very few bulbs that will grow here in zone 10. 

I just love how they look like they're squeezing out from under the fence. I've had folks knock on my door to ask what they are and of course like a good gardener, I'm more than happy to share.

I think hubby secretly likes working in the garden. I know he likes how pretty it all looks when we're all done. This year we're spreading some top soil in all the beads. I'm so excited cause this week I'll get to pick up some Horse pop, yes that's right. I'll keep you posted on that, lol.

                                                         Look how cute, she posed for me.

                            This cute little Orchid, was hiding from me, I almost missed the show.


  1. Marlene your Lillie's are beautiful,..I love how your sweet kitty is posing for her pic, she is a beauty ;)
    Your garden looks great ;-)


  2. Hi Marlene,
    Your garden looks so beautiful and looks like there is some nice shade for those hot days. The lilies looks so pretty growing along the fence. Very sweet and they look pretty inside your house too. Great photo of your Kitty girl. You and your Husband have made a nice place to enjoy the outdoors.
    Thank you for sharing. I always love seen what others grow in their gardens.
    Bobbie Lynn

  3. Hi Marlene,
    Very nice to meet you here in blogland, and glad you came by for a visit, and also thanks for becoming a follower as well.
    So you live in Miami and are Cuban, how cool is that!! I live in the Orlando area, and used to have many Cuban friends when we
    lived in the Keys and in Fort Lauderdale many many years ago. It is nice to have a connection like that. I am amazed you can't
    cook, most cuban girls are amazing cooks, course, that was years ago...........do you not like to cook.......or just feel like you
    are not good at it?? If I could email you some Ropa Veija and Black Beans and rice, I would..........lol

    Have a great weekend hon,

    Now that I am on your blog I can see that you are very creative in others way, cooking just probably isn't
    your thing............lol
    Am gonna try to find a way to follow you but I am not on google +......sure wish they would leave things
    alone sometimes.........lol


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