Sunday, May 11, 2014


Hope all those amazing moms had a great day. This beautiful card was made by my talented niece Amanda and she and her little brother wrote the sweetest sentiment. The red rose I go at church and the little white bouquet in the tiny mason jar was given to me by my 7 year old nephew, so sweet.  

                                      I guess I'm a mom after all. This is my baby Pearl, love her.

                            Making some new selfies for my FACEBOOK, love it if you friend me.

                                                             Nice effect, dirty mirror,lol.


  1. You are the Best of Moms as you dedicate your heart for caring and enjoying so many in your life.
    On the futile side - I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!

  2. Love your selfies, you look so pretty, I love your hair ;-)


  3. Hi Marlene,
    I just saw your fabulous video on your treasures. Good to hear that you had a wonderful trip and how neat to spend time with your Sister and her orchard farm. I bet it was amazing.

    I agree with Teresa comment. Your little Pearl is adorable. I want my next dog to be a little one. My boy is little but he weights 30 lbs. Love your new photos of yourself. Love the hair and you have beautiful eyes. Have fun putting away your new treasures and can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Bobbie Lynn


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