Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awwwwwww country life in Alabama.

Just got back from visiting my sister. They live in a beautiful little farm in southern Alabama, they are so happy and glad that they made their move. But, I missed them so much, I love those kids. Well, on a happy note, we had a great family time. I think what I like best about Alabama are the people, so friendly, kind and humble, they remind me of my dad.. Great food, fresh country air and family, it doesn't get better than that. I did get to work a little in her garden, ok so who goes on vacation to garden, me. We also had lots of junking fun, I'll be posting picture of my finds soon. 

This is a new addition to her chicken coop, so cute. 

 These are the Guineas, they roam free and look like little vacuum cleaners eating all the bugs. It's so funny cause I had pajamas that the fabric looked just like the feather patterns of the Guineas and of course my hubby is the one that notice and he kept calling them, Guineajamas, lol.

The vegetable garden is new and they did really well. I just walked out and picked my salad, so nice.

                    This peach tree I planted last year and I can't believe it had little peaches already.

                          This Hydrangea I also planted last year. I missed the blooms but they're coming soon.

                                                            Seeds waiting to be planted.

                 These Roses I also planted last year. I can't believe how healthy and beautiful they looked.

This is our talented friend Beth's beautiful country garden. This is a Wisteria, I had never seen one before, gorgeous. I already looked it up, no chance of growing one in Miami.

                                             What a great idea, I think this is simply beautiful.

         This is the side of her barn, she's so creative, a very hard worker and a great friend to my sister.


  1. Oh how I dream of a county life..
    Love all the pretty blooms and the way she reused the sink flower pot!


  2. My kind of vacation. I remember you saying that you planted a hydrangea plant at your sisters.She needs to send you photos of it in bloom. Mine are coming along and they have nice flower clusters. Love the photos and glad you had a nice visit.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sister is sure living the good ole country life
    love the wisteria also

  4. Oh for the country life! So many beautiful a unique garden ideas, just gorgeous!


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