Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sewing curtains for our little cottage.

I think window treatments are so essential, they set the mood for the room. 
We're almost there, once the floors have been Poly then the curtains can go up and we can start moving. I can't wait to see them on. I wanted my panels to hang a few inches from the ceiling but it was near impossible to find panels that long. So I made my own curtains. I'm going for a natural organic look with some white in the pattern. Well I found exactly what I had envisioned, in Hobby Lobby and I love them. 

                               For the rods I went with simple black to match the light fixtures.
                                                           For our farmhouse bedroom.

                                                            For our dinning room.

                                                                 For our living room.

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  1. Beautiful fabric Marlene. I think I may have to make my own curtains too. I am not happy on what I see in pre made. I cant wait to see your new home. Blessings!


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