Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cottage renovation project.

I wish I could do our cottage reno project in slow motion. I've always dreamed of taking a vintage cottage and renovating it, well my dream came true. God has been so good to us, thank you Lord. This house has so much character and potential, from the old squeaky hard wood floors, original shiplap, farm house sink and wood moldings. I even love the old siding, but what I love the most is the location. Our street should be called cottage lane and they're all so cute.  But it's all happening so fast, and in some ways not fast enough, because we like to leave our temporary housing and move into our little cottage.  There're so many new projects floating in my head for our new home, but I'm just doing the bare minimum just to get it move in ready. We're almost there. 

I discovered a new tool and the possibilities are endless. 

Here I used it on the little butler's pantry and I love how it turned out. A little bit of texture but still a white enough background to display my pretties. Can't wait to play with it.

My neighbor and new sweet friend, Jean Marie had an idea and we ran with it. She has been an amazing source of inspiration for me, she renovated her cottage two years ago and is still working on it, it's so pretty. Well, as it turned out she's a retired designer and artist. I've saw pictures of her latest design project, a gorgeous home in the mountains of Tennessee.  Well she has offered her services to me and I took her up on it. Here we have turned regular fence boards in what will be our kitchen back splash. The fun part about this is that it's just paint and I can always change the colors or go back to my safe white, lol. But they turned out so beautiful that I want to enjoy them like this for a long time.   

I did managed to save the prettiest windows, the two picture windows in the living room. The rest of them had to be replace, because they were beyond salvaging. But I did rescued all the panes, they're so beautiful with the original chip paint on them. Lots of projects in my head for those.

                                                        New crispy white windows.

                    The old windows, they didn't have energy efficiency double pane back then,

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  1. I love your cottage! Although there might be some challenges renovating it, I think it would be so much fun!


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