Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bringing them back to life.

To say that I'm happy that we're finally doing the floors is an understatement. I was really looking forward to this part of the renovation because I knew they would make a big difference. The sanding part was the hardest and OMG the dust and the mess that was not fun at all. James did the sanding and my sister and friend helped me with the cleaning up. That dust got everywhere, we had to even clean the walls. Now it's the fun part, these are old hardwood floors that are not perfect and that's fine by me.  

I got this idea from YouTube, actually I learned how to do this because of YT. I went with a roller because I felt more comfortable with it. We used the Poly from Benjamin Moore and it was so worth it. We ended up mixing a satin and gloss to get the perfect sheen that we were after. 

               I'm so glad that we ended up not staining them, this wood has so much character.


  1. Hi Marlene,

    Oh my what a project that was. From the photo, what a beautiful job you guys did. We need to do that to our floors too. Not an easy job either, but so worth it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Marleen, wow those floor boards look beautifull, great job,...miss you and your creative creations.
    Hugz jude xx


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