Friday, September 11, 2015

Ella dressed for fall.

I thought I try something colorful and fun for Ella this year. So I made her wings out of leaves. I love the beautiful warm colors and I think she looks like a fall fairy. The necklace is half a wreath, I had to wire each and every leave and that did take a bit to put together. 
I wanted to create another layer for the background of the banner. For that I used some tea dyed vintage wedding gown trim, any excuse to use my beaded bridal trim. This was a super fun project, I think I still like to pay with dolls, lol. 
I have such a great hubby, Ella sits in a corner of our living room because my art studio is not ready yet. Actually she's been there for a while now and it's doesn't bother him at all. Of course I love looking at her. Now if I could get away with an all pink bedroom.    

                                               This little banner I had last year on a wreath.

                                Here all I did was add the vintage pin as the center of the sunflower.


  1. Wow, I love Ella wings.....she turned out beautiful.....


  2. Marlene, this is so lovely... You are such a talented designer. I always love you beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing.


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