Saturday, September 5, 2015

Basket LOVE.

This wire basket was given to me by my sister, China, she found it at her local metal dump. She finds lots of treasure there; wish I had one near by. It was weathered and rusted, even though I love that look, I had to spray paint it because the rust would've stained the fabric. The fabric that was used for the ruffle was a vintage piece of clothing I found thrifting around. The best part is that my sweet mom made the fabric liners for me. I love how she did the ruffles, so shabby and pretty looking. Thank you mom, love you.  

This basket has a bit of  history. I brought it with me from Germany in 1992. You guessed it, I found it junking. I gave it to my sister and she had it for years. When she moved she asked if I wanted it back and  I said YES. It was a dark brown color. I washed it, primed it, and then spray painted it. I love it, mom did a beautiful job, I could never get those ruffles to look so perfect.  I love the fabric so much, so shabby and bright at the same time. I have one more basket, a picnic basket and as soon as I finish it, will share. Wish me well, because I'm going to do the picnic basket myself.


  1. Those baskets are gorgeous. Your mom did a beautiful job on those liners.Thank you for sharing.

  2. Those are such beautiful baskets, I love the ruffle liners your sweet mom made for them.....
    Good luck with the other'm sure it will be just as beautiful as the others......


  3. Hi Marlene,
    Beautiful way to repurpouse your baskets. I have been wanting to do a few of my that I have. You have inspired me to get some of my left over fabrics out. Love your photos of your roses. Very pretty colors. Hope your enjoying the long weekend. Thanks for sharing.
    Bobbie Lynn

  4. I want your Mom to be mine ahahahahah
    I love crafts and all but sewing is tricky... and between your mother amazing talent and your lovely fabrics I would be in heaven near you.
    I like to see things return. You know when you lend something and then the person turn it back after some years.
    You did wonders with yours. Well done!


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