Monday, September 14, 2015

All organic Spanish Mint tea.

This is my first year growing Spanish Mint. I'm one of those people that just does not like the taste of  mint, it just doesn't agree with me. But this particular mint does. I got a cutting from a neighbor about 6 month ago and I couldn't wait to try it. It's just like regular mint, very invasive. I made the mistake of planting it in the ground and it's taken over. This fall I'll be transplanting it to a large pot with good soil and great drainage. I'll also be making lots of baby plants from cutting to give out, I want my whole family, friends and clients to try it.  
Already harvested and dried a bunch, I just love the gentle naturally sweet mint flavor, so delish. 
I have a warm cup every evening around 8, just in time for my Spanish soaps. Yes, I have become my mom.    

      I swear this tea cup can make anything taste better. So beautiful, not vintage, from Marshals.

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