Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm on a new mission, and that is try and use all the products and goodies that I'm so guilty of hoarding. This week it was my Lindy's Stamp Gang . I took out my Nantucket collections, I love them all, but the pearls are my favorite and newest addition.  The Salt Water Taffy is my favorite of all the color . 
These mulberry flowers were all white and so beautiful but, I have way too many white flowers. My goal was to get the centers to appear slightly darker than the sounding soft baby pink color and I did it. Now the two tone technique makes the flowers look so soft and delicate.
Here's a little something that  I love to do. Before I add the water to my new Lindy's, I always add one drop of my favorite Essential Oil. It does have to be Essential Oil and not synthetic oil. For my Lindy's I always use Lavender, it will not change the color or results. Try it, it's heavenly! Not only does the project that you're working on smells divine, but your entire home will smells like Lavender .


  1. Oh Marlene, the flowers look gorgeous! You did a great job! What a great idea to add essential oil to the spray! Such a pitty there's no "smell-function" on blogger ... ;-).
    Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Els.

  2. It's the little things that make your works of art so special... I would never think of this but since you sugested I'm seeing so many uses of the trick... Thank you for sharing! The roses are precious and their colours will suit you and your work.
    Wonderful choice! I've wondered before if you have the products and use them immeditely and sell or if you're guilty of keeping something. Laughed with your hoarding remark. Exagerated but some of your stuff is so beautiful that you deserve them for yourself, at least for a while.


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