Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love JUNKING in Alabama.

I live and love Miami, but no junking here. Try looking for vintage goodies, not a thing and if you do find something be ready to pay greatly for it. Now once you pass central Florida it get much better. But OMG Alabama is junking heaven. My sister lives there and the things she finds are amazing. These are more of the piece that I found during our last trip. I can't really remember all the prices, but we are talking  under a $1.00. YAY.

I think this was one of my greatest find. I just love the elegant and soft combination of the clear glass and the milk glass. I had a hard time finding both types of glass in one lamp, ever since I saw one in a magazine. But, I found one, yay! I found the perfect lampshade for it too and  I can't wait to start working on it.  But, I'm taking my time and enjoy it.


  1. Such wonderful treasures you have found ;)
    Ill be going to Florida in July for two weeks yeahhhh ;)


  2. Hey Marlene. Glad to see that you are putting milk glass pieces in your home now. Apparently it is the new trend and boy did Laura start something. Beautiful lamp and love the heart shape plate with the flowers. Ana

  3. I love your lamp and can't wait to see it with the lampshade. Your other finds are pretty special too.

  4. Marlene, that lamp is stunning. I remember my mom had milk glass lamps. Wish we still had them. Can't wait to see it with its shade. Becs

  5. I love the rose and the whole presentation of lamp and rose and old books.

  6. hi marlena,
    Hope u are doing well miss seeing your videos on youtube but totally understand u need a break love your blog also

  7. Such a sweet lamp. I too enjoyed junking in Alabama when I was there. It's fun to see the things people find in different parts of the country.

  8. Amazing finds and at such wonderful prices - I love the lamp!

  9. beautiful finds. How fun to go to another state and do some treasure hunting. Have a wonderful day.
    Bobbie Lynn


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