Thursday, December 8, 2011

Festive flair and more cheer to this holiday season, PICTURE HEAVY POST!

Here are some more budget friendly decorating ideas. I finally finished YAY, this year I added a new garland. Of course I got it during last years after Christmas sale, everything else I had. I was going for a simple approach, who am I kidding. I just could not stop decorating, I love it! I think it runs in my family.
I still need to take pictures of my glass vase that I change with the seasons. It's my favorite thing to work on. because it's so super simple to put together.

I'm so excited because this weekend is my sister Mayra's annual Christmas pajama party for the kids. We have 10 children, the parents go Christmas shopping and we play with the kids. Wish me well, there is just the 2 of us taking cake and entertaining 10 children LOL. I am looking forward to it, any chance I get to play with our kids, I'm happy.


  1. Your decorating looks really beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful decorations. I am so loving all the white and silver. Very elegant and warm.
    Enjoy the children this weekend. You and James will be fine and so will the kids. Buy them pizza and watch a movie with popcorn. Get some ice cream and different toppings and have them make sundaes. That will be fun.

  3. Marlene your home is GORGEOUS!!! Love each and every's all so elegant. The kids are going to have so much fun with the both of you. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the moment girlie.....that IS what life is ALL about ♥ HUGS, T

  4. How amazing does your home look? I haven't put our tree, or one decoration up yet. Not feeling very festive this year. But it's lovely to see your wonderful decorations!

  5. absolutely gorgeous, your house must be a show piece

  6. Hi Marlene,
    What gorgeous decorations!
    I'd love to visit and see it all in real LIFE!
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas spirit.
    Creative hugs,

  7. I LOVE your white and silver. I, too, have an encrusted home at Christmas time. There's a shop nearby that always does lots of white and silver as well, and the day after Christmas, my Hubby takes me there and I get everything at 50% off for the next year. Booyah!
    Feel free to visit my site!
    Fondly, Tami


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