Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Christmas spirit sparkles around my house.

Here is some more of my silver and glitter white Christmas feeling. This year I'm really going to try hard not to do any after Christmas sales. I don't need a thing!
Yes, is so nice to walk in the door and every thing is so pretty and I know God wants me to be happy.
But, I also need to remind myself, as much as I enjoy decorating for the holidays, I can't forget what Christmas is really all about.
Thank you Lord for your love, for your SON, for my healthy family and for continuing to bless me.


  1. Oh wow.....LOVE all the silver and crystal decorations. The bead trim in your bathroom (I think that's your bathroom light fixture if I recall correctly) is just to die for. Your home is so elegant and cozy feeling. ENJOY it my friend!! Hugs, T

  2. thank you for the great give away I hope I can win it would be ablessing hugs Lucretta


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