Saturday, June 16, 2018

Just random pretty things around my studio.

She's a Christmas ornament and I just like looking at her. I have two of them and looking for more. 
This little pendent started out as a plain piece of left over wood shim. The image I found on line and everything else I had.  

     I think he is so beautiful, got rid of most of my swan collection. Just have a           few left.
 Added that lace ribbon and the heart to that mercury bottle. I have nothing in it yet,

I need to make more of my flowers.
 I'm always collecting tiaras and little crowns. 

     These little glass bubbles are Christmas light, well in Easter colors that I just          took apart because I like looking at those soft pretty shabby colors. 

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  1. I love all your pretties. I think I have that exact pink enamel pot. I need to share some close ups of my room too! Love your swans.


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