Monday, June 11, 2018

A little thank you.

This arrangement I just put together fresh from my garden. I originally wanted to bake her a little something, but I'm nursing this cold, not a good idea. I wanted to thank a long time member of our community Assn that did us a big favor. We just moved here, they don't know us and still helped us. Not used to that, but I guess that's what a small southern town community is all about. So thankful. 

I need to get my hands on some more pink Glad bulbs. I've never grown them before and I can't get over how well they do here. I think the bouquet would of looked prettier with pink Gladiolus, but it's all I had in bloom.
My next garden goal is to try and grow some Peonies, they're my favorite. I have no idea if they will grow here or not. I did pick up a bulb from the big box store that I planted and it was doing well but it had an accident with the weed eater and the I lost it. There's always next year. 

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