Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Still working on my temporary art studio.

I'm like 95% unpacked already, I don't want to see another box as long as I live. So I decided to take a brake and unpack the fun boxes, my art supplies and scrap-booking goodies. It's like Christmas all over again. 
I prayed so much that God would show us the home he wanted for us, we just had to wait a little for it. After all God's timing is always perfect, sometimes is so hard to wait. This home came with my dream art studio space. Well the potential for it, so in the mean time I've set up shop in the spare bedroom. For me that's a blessing too, being that I use to scrapbook out of half a closet. 

So far I've set up my pretties and little stations here and there. I'm enjoying again all the little pieces of art that my friends have sent me from just about all over the world. 

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