Sunday, February 4, 2018

Setting up my temporary art studio.

I know this seams like extra work for me, but I had to set up some kind of work space for now. I took the guess room and turn it into my temporary art studio. I'm attempting to unpack all the boxes and set up systems more or less how I plan for them to be, I figure this way I'll just move one area at a time to the permanent studio. Opening all these boxes feels like Christmas all over again.
I'm making sure that every pretty storage box is tag because I lost track of whats in were.   

This is an old cheese box that a sweet friend gave me and I altered it in a vintage theme. It keep my favorite paper dolls in it. I have another display in mind for some of my favorite ones. I love looking at paper dolls, they just warm my heart. 

     This cute tag came in a set and I love them all. Think I'll be using lots of                these.

 I love collecting vintage crystal chandelier drops. I used an old baking tin and pray painted it in ballerina pink, of course. I set the tin by the east window and the morning light makes them glow, oh so beautiful.

        This piece I found at Ross, not to long ago. I love this shade of green.

This 3 tear display piece I found in a garage sale. I can picture that a very talented carpenter made it. So I turned it into my glitter station. Now to find a lazy susan for it, I'm on the hunt, of course I'm not buying a new one. The sweet little swan is also a garage sale find, I love swans.

Sorry, you can't see the whole thing but this is the base of a wire stand that holds my favorite ATC (artist trading cards). This gorgeous heart is also a salvage find.

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  1. I love, love, love that pink baking tin with the chandelier crystals. Love the shabby green hangers with the crystal knobs and your glitter collection!


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