Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trying to update my blog. What happened ??????

I have been wanting to update my blog a bit, so I tried changing the wall paper and then it happened. I thought I lost all nine years of blogging fun. I was able to get the blog back up, but can't seem to find some posts on the renovation of our little cottage. Going to try and find pictures of the progress. But for now, let me share the front mudroom entrance. I'm loving all the light and brightness. My vision is to create a shabby cottage/farmhouse look, can you see it? Now I'm off to visit some of my bloggie friends, I need to see what everyone has been up to. 

Loving the farmhouse light fixtures . This one is a reproduction but, it's just what I was looking for. The front door was replaced and I'm loving all the light. Will be putting up some kind of shabby window treatment??? Once we exposed the ship-lap I knew It had to be white.  

This was a very happy day, the first ship-lap we discovered in the cottage and now it's very hard to stop, I still can't believe it.

We kept going into this wall in the living room. I've always dreamed of a wood wall but that's really hard to find in a modern Miami house unless you add the wood yourself. This original ship-lap  yumminess is behind every wall in the cottage just waiting to be set free.


  1. Love the front door and shiplap. Looking forward to further updates!

  2. Hello Marlene,
    Congratulations on your new home. So far from what I can see from the photo is? looking good. : ) I know you and your hubby will make into a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing. Blessings!


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