Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So far so good, with my Roses.

Well they seam to be very happy in this spot. I will have to remove them from the pots eventually, but for now they are doing well here in this spot. We're in the middle of our hottest month August. I was inspire by a few people to give Roses a try again, but a special thanks to my sweet friend Bobbie Lynn, who has such a beautiful Rose collection. Her garden is a great source of  inspiration for me, take a peek you'll see what I mean. 
I have been cutting them and bringing them in the house, there really is nothing like a Rose. God was having a good day when he came up with them. 

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  1. Oh my look at those beautiful roses. I'm so happy to see your photos. Thank you for sharing. I love using containers for my roses and for the larger containers I have purchased some of the flat carts with rollers to move them around in the patio area. I have a few containers that will need to planted into larger containers and a few I just have cut the roots a bit to keep them small. The roses in my container are doing so much better then the one in the rose area. Yes, August is a month that is hot and humid and a few of my roses do not like this time of year. I will be moving a few around this year. Anyway, Thank you for sharing I'm so happy that you can enjoy some roses. : )
    Have a lovely day my Friend and have a great weekend too.


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