Saturday, April 18, 2015

Making home made stencils.

So I found a few tutorials on YouTube on making stencils with a wood burning tool. I pretty much had all the supplies needed. So I  headed for Pinterest looking for images that I thought would make great stencils.  I made copies of all the ones that I loved and went for it. The plastic that I used was from the kind you would use with an an overhead projector, are they still around?  
At first I thought the plastic was kinda flimsy, but after a few coats of paint they firmed right up. I still have lots that I must try and make. But at least for now I got it out of my system, lol. 

                               You know I had to test them, the problem was that I could not stop.


  1. I meet you on grow your blog.
    I like the layers of colors.
    Will be back Laura

  2. Oh. I must be the only person who can't do her own stencils :(
    I've seen the youtube videos and it's not as easy as they say... I want to do a couple of signs and I'll end up buying the stencils.
    Have Fun, Oh Talented One!

  3. Those are really neat. Happy to hear that you have been enjoying some crafting time.
    Pinterest is amazing with all kinds of inspiration. A few good recipe too.
    Bobbie Lynn


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