Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter goodness.

This beautiful Easter card I received from my sweet friend Bobbie Lynn, her cards are simply precious and I treasure every single one of them. Love the cute image that she used. 

This is a new addition to my Easter goodies. This so cute, kinda smaller than usual cookie jar. I love the soft pale blue color and the sweet little bunny. I found it at TJmax. I think I'm going to leave it out all summer long.

As far as crafting Easter projects, all that I've really done this year is this little wood banner. These wood bunnies I found at the Target, the minute I saw them I just knew they had to come home with me.


  1. Hi! I found you on Bobbie Lynn's blog. I too, live in south Florida, and love Bobbie Lynn's cards! And roses!!!!! I am growing mini roses from the grocery stores, in my tire garden, and I don't think they ever look as great as the ones in California, but still pretty good, without much work. I need to read back through your blog! Love the little bunnies you found at Target!!!!

  2. Good Morning Marlene,
    What an adorable bunny banner. I love what you did with it. Great find a TJMax too. It is fun just finding that one special thing for our homes. I just found a garden angel at Marshalls for $10.00, deal! He is so sweet looking, playing a violin. Right now, I have decided to keep him in doors for a while.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope your new mini roses will do well. I'm sure they will. If not, give the garden center where you purchased them a call. I have done that many time and they have either replaced my plants or helped me through the problem. Plants are not cheap, especially roses.
    Take care and blessings to you and your family.
    Bobbie Lynn


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