Monday, March 2, 2015

Vintage ironing board.

I've been wanting a vintage ironing board for a very long time. Well, my sister found one for me and I'm in love with it. The legs are solid iron and the top is wood, so very strong. I made this cute little over for it. I love the fabric pattern and the color is my new favorite color. This cover can easily be removed for when I need to tuck a sleeve or something through. I can't seam to fold it and store it away, love looking at it.   


  1. Oh that looks lovely just left out. Beautiful fabric. I need to replace my iron cover also. I still use mine, a lot. You have given me some inspiration now. I'm not going to buy another one, just make one myself.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  2. Gorgeous does look like a nice sewing project. I wish I had a craft/sewing room again....:(


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