Friday, March 6, 2015

In the garden.

My favorite place to be. This week I've been top dressing all my plants. My general garden is pretty much established already and most of my plants are in the ground, and I love it that way. I do have a few containers, but most of it is in the ground.  They do require some yearly TLC. As soon as it get a bit warmer,  which will be very soon down here, I will be fertilizing.
So far I'm loving my vegetable and herb garden, doing really well. Planning on planting 3 or 4 more packets of Basil seeds, so want to make pesto this year. I can't complain, it's been an unusual long and cool winter down here and if you live in south Florida you know what I mean. Thank you Lord.   

I'm in the garden/ 

                                     I use what ever I can to create a little shade for the babies.


  1. OMGosh look at those tomatoes. We still have lots snow on the ground.
    However it's going to start warming up for an entire week now so spring is almost here in Missouri.
    we are all ready for spring planting in our gardens

  2. Happy Friday Marlene,
    Wow, your garden is beautiful. You have a lot of tomatoes. : ) I do like the walk way and the planter that you put in the center. A nice place to relax also. You have been a busy bee in your garden. Love seeing you garden. Thank you for taking time to post some photos of your garden. Have a lovely weekend.
    Bobbie Lynn

  3. I love being in the garden too. I only have garden in the ground reason why I don't plant tomatoes or aromatic herbs as I don't trust my dogs gardening skills and they're everywhere of the property ahahah if you know what I mean.
    I guess when kids grow up and dogs go to Heaven I'll adventure. Your pictures made me want to.
    Thank you for sharing and enjoy the crop and your lovely garden. Spring is arriving here...

  4. I know what you mean about creating shade for your plants down here! Its brutal out there!!!


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