Monday, February 16, 2015

Thanking God for this beautiful weather.

I'm keeping all my friends from up north in my prayers. I know you've been having a brutal winter, just hang in there a little bit longer. You will soon be having the most beautiful spring ever. In the mean time I hope these picture will warm you up a bit.  

We've been having great weather here in south Florida. It's been unusually cool for about 3 months now and that's a real treat for us. I've been playing in the garden as much as I can, because come summer you won't catch me doing any garden work what so ever. 
The best part about garden work is sitting down at the end of the day and just take it all in. 

                                                             Even the moon was perfect.


  1. Marlene, if you were not such a sweetie, I might have to hate you. We're getting set for more snow tonight. Seriously, thank you for reminding me of beautiful outdoor days! hugs and JOY, Kim

  2. Just lovely Marlene. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We had some snow about 6 inches which is not so bad, I love snow and winter......
    But oh those beautiful spring days when everything comes to life with beauty.....
    Love your photos...I'll be heading to Florida in May for my baby girls graduation.....
    Have a great day sweetie...


  4. Oh Marlene, you have heaven on earth in your garden. I'm imagining I am sat right with you and there is a third glass on its way! Love you, June


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