Sunday, February 1, 2015

Garden beauties basking in the beautiful sun.

These pictures I took at dusk, my favorite time to take pictures of the garden. This time a year in south Florida means cool sunny days and cooler nights. This truly is my favorite time of year to work in the garden. Most of my cleaning and pruning is all done and now I can just enjoy the garden. God know that in mid summer, no gardening for me, just fun in the pool. I think I enjoy so much this time of year because our summers are brutal. I hope you enjoy these beauties. 


  1. It's fun to look some plants and flowers in your garden and dream of Spring and Summer ahead when my own Bougainvilleas and Paradise Bird Flower fill my own garden with color and joyful shapes.
    All is so sad right now. Not only Winter is being longer but also meaner. But soon...
    Enjoy your lovely garden Dear Marlene!

  2. Hi Marlene,
    Looks like paradise there. I hope you and your Husband will enjoy many hours in your garden.
    At the moment in Southern California, we are having some sunny days. The temps for this week will be in the high 70's to low 80's. My rose bushes have wonderful new leaves. That is all that is growing at the moment in my garden.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. : )
    Bobbie Lynn


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