Friday, March 7, 2014

Atcs from the sweet Eileen..

This gorgeous ATC I received from Eileen for the swap that I'm hosting over at my You Tube channel.  I'm in love with this ATC, the picture is not doing it justice but I did do a short video on it. I love her color scheme, I love that is vintage but with plenty of creams. The little shimmery lace on top is gorgeous. Thanks you Eileen, I love it.
This post is way over do, because I have a system to my posting, lol. I'm planning on spacing out my ATC from the swap. It all worked out because I'll get to thank Eileen for the new envelope punch board that I've been wanting for a while now. Thank so much Eileen, I love it.  


  1. Love the colors Elieen used. A dash a pink to creams and brown are always pretty and shabby.
    I will hop on over to her channel.
    Have a great weekend Marlene. We are going to have great weather here. : )

  2. This is so pretty...Thanks for sharing

  3. Aw, thank YOU, Marlene! It was an honor to swap with you!


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