Sunday, January 22, 2012

New hand made fabric flowers.

I love putting these flowers together. I get to play with the different fabrics, textures and colors. I hope you like them too. I just listed them on my ETSY and I'll be making more soon.
Give them a try, they are a lot of fun to make!


  1. Marlene, these are quite lovely. I have just got out some fabric this morning, and thought I'd make some. Minds running along the same lines!I actually found all this pretty fabric when we cleaned out the garage.I took a whole car load of gear to the Thrift Shop!

    Now to look up some You Tube videos. I LOVE you tube- such kind people who share.

  2. Hey Ms Marlene. I love your flowers. I especially like the red one.
    Gorgeous. Hope you sell them all.

  3. These fabric flowers are fabulous. I love making these too. Happy Creating...


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