Monday, February 21, 2011

Putting up my new finds.

I found this little shadow box shelf and I fell in love with the carved wood design. At first I thought I was going to paint it white, but I also love the black. What to do?

I put the door knocker up, boy it's laud.

This collection of framed mirrors I picked up at my mom's house. My sister no longer wanted them and mom had no room. Guess what ...... LOVE them.


  1. Those are all fabulous finds!! Love the shadow box and the mirrors/frames!!!!

  2. Gosh your finds are all adorable Marlene. I love the frames on theose mirrors, gosh what a wonderful sister. Yes the shadow box lends itself better to black than whits, as it has lots of detail carving in it, awesome choice.
    Love it, Im going treasure hubting this weekend, so hope to load my 2nd video of my finds.
    Arohanui my friend
    XX :-)

  3. Hey Marlene. Love everything you just posted, but my favorite are the mirrors. Love the way you hung them up. Gotta get together.

  4. Love the mirrors!
    You got an award on my blog. Go check it out!


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