Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupid was good to me.

And I was good to Cupid, too. He knows what can make me very happy!

A new addition to my collection, she is so pretty. I haven't named her yet.

This is a tradition, cream cheese and guava yellow cake. YUMMMMMM

Isn't that a beautiful sight. My new rain barrel. I'm so happy right now!!!! Rain water is naturally soft and oxygenated, is also more acidic than tap or well water. Even though I have a well, rain water is so much better cause it doesn't have any chlorine, calcium or lime. It's great for the environment by helping to reduce the runoff. But the main reason is that plants LOVE rain water and if my plants are happy, I'm happy.

I've been wanting one of these for a looooooong time. I got one now! My very own rain barrel. Yes ladies, I'm probably the only woman out there that can get so excited about a rain barrel.

I was reading the instructions and it's so easy to install. A small adjustment to the rain gutter, and that should do it.

This is the grave yard for my broken china, great for drainage and I love how all the different color pieces look. My rain barrel is going to sit right here.


  1. I'm so happy you're happy! And a Happy Valentine's Day from me to add to cupid's collection!

  2. Oh! What a great idea to use broken china. It looks beautiful! How was the cake? It looks and sounds YUMMO!
    Patricia :o)

  3. You are so funny. I can't imagine any one being happy to have a rain barrel. But as you said if your plants are happy, your happy. I am so glad your Cupid was good to you. You deserve a good cupid. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  4. That's really neat! What a great idea. Slide down my rain barrel into my cellar door and we'll be jolly friends for ever more!! Love it all!

  5. So Happy for you and hubby this valentines day! Love the rain barrel and china graveyard, not to mention your beautiful new orchid! =D Janet

  6. What a beautiful orchid. I love them but I can't seem to keep them alive very long here in rainy WA.

  7. First of all, welcome to Honeysuckle Breeze and thank you for following. I can honestly say I have never, like never, seen that kind of a rain barrel! LOL Your china graveyard reminded me of what my grandmother would do with her batch of broken pieces - also used them in her potted plants. The orchid is stunning.

  8. Oh I think I can get excited about a rain barrel, or a composter, or good dirt : )
    I am thrilled with these kinds of gifts too!
    This is my first time to your lovely blog, and I think you have some really fantastic creative ideas.
    The orchid is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. I love it Marlene, looks so pretty and danty, and with the water added, awesome looking.
    Thank you my friend
    XX :-)

  10. Hi Marlene, your broken china graveyard is so beautiful. Way to think outside the box girly. You have such great ideas and I love how you have shown it here on your blog. Thanks for the inspiration. Doreen


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