Saturday, June 19, 2010


The scent of life, thriving! The scent of my green house.

Juan Eberto Plasencia, better known as DAD, at the nursery with my aunt and uncle, relaxing probably telling stories and making jokes (notice the cigarett).

I feel the need to do a little more explaining about my green house. I've always heard the saying "time can heal anything" (and I did have some help from God). My family is Cuban and we have lots of sayings, this one is my favorite. Now, I get it!

My family had nurseries in the Horse Country area of Miami. My best memories about our family together as a whole was when we lived in the nursery. Those were great times! Even once I got married and moved into my own place. I would stop by the nursery EVERY DAY after work, before I went to my home. By the time I got there all the workers had gone for the day and my dad had taken his shower, he had on a clean white t-shirt and he smelled of Old Spice. He waited for me to show me the work that was done that day.
After our walk around all the green houses, we would sit in the front porch and wait for the sprinklers to go off.... Ahhhhhh, the sound of sprinklers. The daily walk was done before he watered, because I'm very afraid of frogs. Yes I'm a gardener afraid of frogs. HA! HA!

He would tell me plans for the growers and the clients that had placed orders, all kinds of great conversations took place, just between him and me. My wonderful dad at home, surrounded by 5 woman, we must have driven him nuts at times.
Our daily walk, the damp smell of the green houses and all that fertile growth around me, till this day, those are the fondest memories of my dad.

My saddest day was when, he was very sick and he wanted to sell the nursery. I remember my final walk around the green houses. I did that walk alone while my mom waited for me at the front gates and I said good buy to all the plants. My dad died a few month after the nursery was sold.
My uncle still has nurseries and I remember not being able to visit him at the nursery for many, many years. I thought I would never have the courage to smell the inside of a green house again, that particular sent that reminded me so very much of my dad. But, I did and yes it was VERY sad and I did it, again and again and again.

Today I'm very happy and blessed to have my very own green house and I can't wait till it gets that impregnated moist scent of things growing, of LIFE!!!
I have some great plans for my green house and who know, I have a very creative niece that loves to scrapbook with me. Maybe ??? I can pass to her the love for what grows in a green house.

It's been a little over 20 years and I still miss him so. He was a special person that toughed everyone he knew.

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  1. Hi Marlene!

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us. This is a beautiful story. You brought some very warm feelings to my heart...


  2. Greetings and Salutations Marlene...I absolutely love your garden blogspots. You are a lover of the beauty of nature...Happy gardening, scrapping, and pure moments of serendipity...PeggyAnne

  3. What a beautiful post... Many blessing to you and your family. HUGZ...


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