Sunday, June 27, 2010

I met Martica! She is soooooo sweet.

I'm so happy, finally got together with another talented local lady. As it turned out Martica lives very close to my home. How nice is that? We met over at "THE BEACH"
and been talking for a while. She accepted a lunch invite at my house, we had such a good time I feel like I've known her for ever. I'm a talker and so is she, we had a great time and made some plans to do some scrap booking get together. Can't wait. Check out her gorgeous work HERE

Look at this you guys, she gifted me this beautiful piece of art. This is one talented gal!


  1. isnt it wonderful!!! we have met so many inspiring ladies thx to kathryn. i love the picture you guys look like you have been bff's forever!!!
    ~Jill ♥

  2. Beautiful Marlene, WOW!!!!! you have go yourself some talented ladies really close to you, great for inspiration , shopping, coffee, hehehehe and good old gal stuff. Thank you for sharing
    Arohanui X :-)

  3. Looks like you guys had lots of fun :) Enjoy!

  4. Oh Marlene, that is so beautiful! Hugs, Velma


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