Friday, March 9, 2018

Oh it was bad.

 I love the character and charm this old house has. It's a beauty and warmth that is hard to describe, but can definitely be “felt” when you're inside an older home.  Maybe it's the simple basic trim, wood molding or the old squeaky wood floors. But we're trying our best to preserve the past and respecting the character of this older home.
This is the back mud room, I wanted to define and enclose the laundry area. This is what we came up with, it works and I love it. I'll have more pictures, soon with the full reveal. 


  1. I love that you painted the knotty pine. That gives it such a fresh, updated, bright look!

  2. Looks lovely Marlene. I can't wait to see it all. You inspire me.

  3. You have such good ideas! Can't wait to see more of your house as you change things. Of course...I always want to see what art projects you're working on! Hugs!


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