Friday, September 16, 2016

Ok, a little shopping never hurt anyone.

I've been on a craft shopping freeze for a while now. Before I stopped making crafting videos I did a lot of destashing. I really had tons of thing I hadn't t used for very long time and I promised myself that I was never going to get to that point again. Well, I've bee such a good girl. 
 Can't really say I needed any crafting supplies, but that never stopped me anyway, lol. 
OMG, talk about cuteness, these puffy stickers are so adorable. Think I'm going to save them for some embellishment ideas that have been floating around my head.   

                                                                 LOVE the kitty cats.

These I got for my baking and cake decorating. Can't wait to try the little banners and spell someones name.
                                    These would look so beautiful on top of some cupcakes????

These are my favorite finds. I already had the blue one and was on the hunt for the pink one. As a bonus I found the clear one and the pens. The little paper dolls are adorable. I think this is part of a collection or something, love them.  

This adorable pencil case I will keep with my baking journals and the key-chain I plan to use on the case that holds my frosting tips.

                                               A girl can never have too many pencil cases.

Some of these I'll use on purses or journals but for now I'm going to just stare at them for a while.

                                                             If I only had a chicken coop.

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