Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sometimes I just don't get much done.

These beautiful rustic wind chimes have seen better days but, they sure are singing today. Once I sit and relax I just can't seam to get up and that's OK by me. It's a cool, windy, dry day in Miami, gorgeous.  I could sleep out here, if only James would let me. I got a lot done yesterday, and that's what I love about  a garden, you have those days you just want to take it all in. 

I've seen a few videos on YouTube on making some home made wind chimes out of cooper tubing. I have to get the right tools, I know I have a blade that will cut metal but I don't think I have the proper bit for my drill. How beautiful would the patina show on that cooper? 

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  1. I'm with you,
    I don't get a lot of things done too:)
    Those rustic wind chimes are gorgeous
    and so charming ♥


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