Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall planting.

This year I decided to do my fall planting mainly from baby plants from the big box store. Most years I start my peppers, tomatoes and greens from seeds but not this year. It's been hot, according to my garden journal,  last year on Sept. 15th I had  started my seeds.  It was a drizzling and cloudy day, but I was out there all day long. I only came in because I had no more day light. I'll be at it again tomorrow. 

This is the beautiful Mariposa (butterfly), the national flower of of Cuba. It has the sweetest most intoxicating scent, and the flower feels like it has essential oils on the petals. She likes a sunny spot with  rich soil and lots and lots of water.

This is my Tilo (Linden flower). The original mother plant was my dad's and he went to be with the Lord over 25 years ago. We just keep passing it around, to family members that love gardening. Tilo  is a perennial ground cover.  She likes a rich soil with plenty of moisture and will thrive in a shady spot. Every Cuban grandmother believes that Tilo can cure just about every ailment under the sun. But, I love a cup of tea at night with mint to relax and for some reason when I have a cold is my go to tea.

          In my subtropical climate, not much happening in the fall, but I can still find beautiful colors.

This is my no fail soil recipe for tomatoes. I mix some compost, like 7 to 8 cups with 2 table spoons of Baking Soda. The Baking Soda helps with mildew and mold. I add about a cup of Epson-salt this will add the Magnesium.  Finally I add about a cup of dry milk, this is the calcium. I don't really measure, I just eye ball it. I mix this really well and add about a hand full on the bottom of a deep hole and drop the tomato plant in. This really works for me and it gives my tomatoes the best head start.
I'm really excited, I'm trying a Roma tomato this year. My sunny garden space is very limited , but this year I made room for a Roma.

                                          Some of the baby greens, I can taste them already.

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