Friday, December 26, 2014

Noche Buena at my sister Alina.

Noche Buena is Christmas eve and it's our traditional Cuban feast. Ever since I can remember we  have celebrated Noche Buena. Before our dad went to be with the Lord, he would roast an entire whole pig in a pit that he would dig  in the back yard. It was like an entire event in it self. I remembered it all started the night before by marinating it. He would make a traditional Cuban Mojo with sour oranges, garlic, salt and pepper. He would make a brush out of corn husk and then brush that Mojo all over and it would sit over night. In the morning the house would smell like it was time to eat already. But the fun would just begin .
The pig would be taken to the pit and covered in bananas and guava leaves. It was suppose to make it taste better, it would slow cook for  like 8 hours and OMG so delicious   .
I think of my dad almost every day but, on Noche Buena I always feel a peaceful,  calm void.  
This year Noche Buena was at my sister's and we had a beautiful evening with family and friends. It's always such a treat spending time with these kids and on Christmas eve you can feel their excitement.   


  1. You are so beautiful my friend and your family is too. It's nice to hear about your traditions and memories. Happy holidays! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Look at you! So beautiful... lovely outfit Marlene ♥ Your sisters home is so Christmassy!

  3. Beautiful photos Marlene of you and your family. Thank you for sharing some Christmas memories of your Father. Around this time of year I think of my Mom too and all she did to make my Christmas while growing up special. I think as we get older, Christmas becomes more special to us. Happy New Year and I can not wait to see what you have in store for us to see with your garden and crafting. : )

  4. You have a lovely and charming Family.
    And the celebration perpetuated the tone and feeling.
    Everything is so awesome that I'm sure Dad is in even cooking the pig for Our Lord and telling Him to Bless his wonderful family who make him proud every minute of the day.
    Many Blessings Dear Marlene!

    Oh, and Happy New Year!!!


  5. Oh a roasted pig sounds so good and so fun to have an entire pig roasted in an open pit. MY brother in law did that once it was wonderful.
    I miss family traditions also. This year I made myself not cry during the holidays because of all mt relatives not here any longer. I still miss my grandparents and parents so much

    have Happy New Year 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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