Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another pretty board.

So this is how this project started, my sister gave me these 2 pieces of art works that she no longer wanted. I used the back of the picture frame because I need the indentation to string the wire up.

I started by painting the edges in dark shade of brown, that way when I sanded some of the white the brown would show up.  So simple to put together and super fun to create. .

Now the fun part, decorating it. I used white burlap on the back and I went with a little French theme. Love it. So next time you have to get rid of an old picture frame with an outdated piece of artwork , think about it twice, so glad I did


  1. Ah yes ! Love the idea and moreover what you did with it ! so many things in my to-do list ! If I didn't have a great tendency to procrastinate !!!


  2. Wow! another amazing project Marlene. A great way to hang some favorite mementos. Thank you for sharing.


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