Sunday, January 13, 2013


This vintage swan I piked up while antiquing in central Florida. He was very dirty with a small crack in the ceramic around the back. But, I fell in love with him anyway. I cleaned and dressed him up a bit  and now he looks so regal. I'm storing my pink millinery flowers, gave him a beautiful collar with a bit of tattered lace and a vintage earring. I created some hair with a little feather and an   Art-i-Cake crown. Love him! 
This little stand is, I think a tooth brush holder. I have been looking for something that would hold my altered test tubes and I found it. Of course I had to give it some bling.
I love these new napkins, so cute. I just had to use them for something and this little tray needed some dressing up. 


  1. Just gorgeous, Marlene. I love the way you blinged out the holder. The test tubes look fabulous.

  2. No January Blues at Uniquely Ella!

    Pink and Whimsy it's her "thing" ahahahah
    I love the swan - it proves that even with a crack there's hope for pieces when they're found by artistic and generous souls. You did an amazing job with it! In love with the crown!!!

    Paris is a-l-wa-y-s a good idea and you did a great job.

    Wishing you a very elegant, whimsical and Unique week,


  3. Hey Ms Marlene. How are you? I know we have to get together but with my dad it is crazy. Promise I will do everything to see you soon.
    I watched your videos on your new creations. They are all gorgeous. The swam is lucky to have had a new make over. Love the test tubes. Talk to you soon. ANA

  4. I love your white "craquelé" (the name we gie tho those 30 ceramics in France.
    always funny to me to see our eiffel tower beloved abroad !
    `*.¸.*✻✿✿✿*`*.¸xoxo from PARIS *✻✿✿✿*`*.¸.

  5. I love the button holder and swan. You've given me ideas now as I think I know where I can get a couple of similar swans. Sure they could do with rescuing and putting to use in a craft way. :)

    J x


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