Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new home for my perpetual calendar.

This little cramped wire basket was the home of my perpetual calendar that I started this year. It's been so much fun keeping up with it, a little bit of a challenge to keep my entries sweet and short. 

I've been so wanting one of these 7 Gypsy  mini library drawers for a while now. I finally got one and of course I had to work on it.  I do have to admit that I was a bit scare to start on the project, because it also looks so pretty just how it comes, in the natural wood. I did a crackle finish to it and change the knob to vintage one that I found in a flea market in central Florida. Now I have plenty of room to move the daily cards around, loving my new little calendar.


  1. I love this calendar!!! I love how there is just so much "stuff" hanging off it!
    The box is beautiful, the crackle glaze is perfect for your colours. I think i'll go back in your blog and find the post you did about making it and maybe (just maybe!) start my own.
    Have a lovely day Marlene x

  2. Hey Marlene. This came out great. I remember seeing it in raw wood at your home and yes even though it did look nice like that, you spicing it up is way nicer. Your talent is a one of a kind. Beautiful as always.

  3. Oh boy, what a result! It looks great. Fabulous job with the crackle paint and it goes so well with your calendar.

  4. Your new drawer holder is just perfect for your wonderful calendar. Blissful Creating Dear...

  5. as expected it is fabulous . marlene you have a talent at making everything fabulous


  6. Your Perpetual Calendar looks great in its new home, but I will always be partial to that first little basket you made. I've watched that vid so many times and got so many inspirations from it. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Love and Light

  7. What a GORGEOUS project!!! I LOVE your perpetual calendar!


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