Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I'm going for a woodland garden.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring time. I started to outline a few garden beds around the outer perimeter of the garden. I can't plant a thing around the house until we paint and we can't paint until it gets a bit warmer. What is going on with the weather, in our area we're expecting 30 decree on a few days next week. In the mean time it has been really nice to be out in the garden. I'm going for a woodland look, using some tree trunks to outline the border. For my mulch I'm using pine needles, I love that look and I've never used it before. Yes, I had to mix my rocks in there some how. Now as soon as it gets warm I'll start planting a little 


  1. I love a woodland garden! The pine straw is the finishing touch, but I have to admit, I like it better after a week or so when it lays down! Your rocks are awesome---they look like river rocks. I've also used some old broken pots in mine to look like the plant spilled out of it. I think a woodland garden is so calming. Of course, I think that about most gardens!

  2. Your garden looks so relaxing.
    We still have a lot of snow here, so no gardening for me until a month or more.


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