Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ok some days I can take it, but others....

God needs to work on me on so many things. But today is patience, for some reason some days I wake up with zero tolerance for the stuff that's going on. Today is one of those days. That this even has to be said is ridiculous to me. It has to be said because that's the attitude of some immigrants. They see being able to come to America as a right and get offended when it's questioned. 
The way I see it, that's what happens to a country when it gets soft and you don't want to offend anyone. Every other country can regulate immigration and they can protect their borders but when US tries to enforce it, everyone is offended. 
When did the ability to come to America became a right??? Did it happen slowly or all of a sudden??
My family will always see it as a privilege, grateful and blessed.  I pray for all those families that would like to call America home, get in line, wait your turn and do it legally and it will hopefully some day become a privilege too. If you choose to come illegally and get send back, you have no right to get offended, because you have no rights. I know this may sound cruel, but that's how I see it.   
Of course I'm for immigration, after all I became an immigrant in 1970 at the age of nine. But it has to be legal, so you feel like you've earned it, not like it's your right.  Do you know what I mean? 
Ok, since I'm at it. I also believe that you should never forget your roots or your culture, after all that's your origin and will always be part of who you are. But you HAVE to acclimate, be proud of your new home. Take your new culture in, speak English and become a proud citizen of your new blessed home. Just saying. 

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