Monday, November 28, 2016

The death of a very evil dictator.

It's been a couple of very heavy days here in Miami. With lots of happiness and sadness. Happiness because Castro's death symbolizes so much to so many. Sadness, because so many did not live to see this day, like my dad. All my life growing up I kept hearing that Castro was going to die soon. Well so many passed away waiting for this day. This man bought so much misery to the Cuban people and separated so many families.
But there are blessings to be found in every situation. Had it not been for Castro my family would of never fled into exile. Forever grateful to this, the greatest, nation that I proudly call home. 
My family arrived in  Miami when I was barely 10 years old. I do remember the 2 years prior to us leaving, all that was done to my family. We lost our home and ration card. We bounced around, I don't even remember how many different schools I had to go to. Ridicule and discriminated, labeled traitors, just because we were not communist.  My dad was put in a work camp for 2 years in deplorable conditions, unrecognizable to me when he finally came home. 
Would I ever go back to Cuba to visit???? I don't know..... I have curiosity. But for sure I will never visit and support that regime, maybe some day when It's finally FREE.    
As Cuban Americans in Miami erupts in celebration after the death of Castro. Cuban's in the island are blocking family members on Facebook because they are not allowed to see Miami's news feed. People are scared to turn on the radio and no one has their Christmas lights on. Cuba has to mourn Castro's death weather you like it or not.

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