Saturday, October 15, 2016

Not very well prepared.

We were so blessed, this was more of a hurricane drill than any thing else. But we did learned how unprepared we really are. We found out that we're short on some essential supplies. We're also missing some shutters and screws, just a few, but enough to have one expose window. It was a lot of work, specially for my hubby, those thing are so heavy. Not complaining at all, it was very sad what it did in the islands. After what happened down here in South Florida after hurricane Andrew, I have to admit, I'm very fearful of hurricanes.
The yard got a little messy and we lost a Papaya tree. The weight  was too much and with just a little wind it snapped. I gave so many away, no way we could eat all that. I do love them, delish. 

                                     These little ones we ended up throwing away, kinda sad.

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