Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's official, I'm a planner girl.

Ok so I've never used planners before, other than my appointment book for work and it's kinda cute. I've been watching tons of YT vids on the planner craze, love it. But what really got me to finally say YES, was my sweet and talented friend Wanda. She just started a beautiful one for her up coming life battle, I love her and and she's always in our prayers. 
I din't know what mine was going to be about, so I went with a meal planner. When I showed my hubby he almost died laughing. He said "you couldn't of picked anything else"? You see I can't cook if my life depended on it. He's the cook, lol. But I do bake?
The way I see it is that I'll plan the meals that he's going to cook. I had the cutest kitchen sticker that I couldn't wait to use, that's why I went with meal panning. I used a Recollections personal size from Michaels. I just started on it, this is what I have so far. Can't wait to make some pretty paperclips, that's another craze, LOVE.    

               The belly band it's a little girl's head band, not sure if it's useful, but it sure is cute.

I think this pen I had from Target. It looks like it was made for the planner. These are my new favorite colors, teal and gold love them together.

                                  You know it's going to have bling, sure hope the glue holds.

           This has to be my favorite divider. This beautiful happy sticker is the reason I created this                     planner. I sure hope I'll use it.

                                  Loving this note pad from the dollars store of all places.

                              I know this seams like such a frivolous thing, Thank you LORD.


  1. Well, all I can say is your first stab at a planner is fabulous! Love, love, love that color combination!

  2. I write in my planner every day. It's where I keep my journal now. You make everything so much prettier! Hugs!

  3. I have no planners, but yours is wonderful Marlene , what colors, and I love bling too :-) So sweet pages too !
    Blessings, Dorthe


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