Friday, October 28, 2016

I can't help but compare.

  1. This may not mean much to others but to me it means a lot. This is a faded grain sack that my sister found today junking around. It was from the "Central Hershey" apparently they had a sugar mill in my birth country of Cuba. Wow, to me that's like tangible evidence that what my parents always say, "Cuba was once a free and prosperous country" is true. That was before big government took over. Took from the rich, cause everyone had to be equal. Took over what your children were taught in school, because what's socialism without some good brain washing. Took over the health care system. Forget about owning a gun and tossed God to the side of the road. Cuba was once just like the US. Today get in line to see a Dr. that has no meds to treat you and get your ration card out to see if the grocery store has what you need to feed your family. That's why I get so paranoid around election time, cause all this crap sounds so familiar to me. I've been hearing it my whole life. I so want the US to continue to be a "free and prosperous" country. I love it.

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