Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pink heart.

Totally forgot to post this draft from Valentine, so I'll share it anyway.  Why is pink so beautiful???? I go through phases as far as colors but I always love pink.
No much going on with me. I'm dedicating this entire month to my garden. Not doing a whole lot of planting but been cleaning and purging old tools, pots and garden art stuff. Will take some pictures tomorrow and share. The weather  here in Miami has been amazing, I love this time of year.   


  1. Glad you remember to share these oh so pretty pictures from Valentine's Day

    I am trying to clean out my flowers beds from tons of leaves from last fall
    my 12 year old grandson wants me to wait till he can help, he loves yard work and planting flowers

  2. You and I both love beautiful, feminine things. Love the photos of your garden tropical! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Diane


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