Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good as new.

Well, here it is, all done and pretty. This is the little set that my sister no longer wanted and passed it on to me. I can tell she really took good care of them, they just need a fresh coat of paint . Sometimes you just get tired of seeing the same thing and need to change things up a bit.  These are now new to me . I think I'm going to make cushions, to make them really nice and  comfy.  
I did had to do a little sanding with a wire brush. I gave it two good coats on the under side and on top. I think I'll be able to get few more years out of this cute little set. Thanks Mayra, love them. 

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  1. What an amazing sis you have Marlene!
    I love iron furniture in the garden.
    Enjoy and Have Fun!


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