Saturday, January 2, 2016

Whimsical paper clay fairy heads named after my sisters, LOL.

These little fairy heads were supper fun to great. I was inspired by an artist I saw on a Sumerset magazine a few years ago. I remember she lived in California but was originally from Turkey, an amazing artist, I made them out of Paperclay too, so fast and fun. It also gave me a reason to play with my oh so treasured vintage jewelry.  I wanted to give them a little personality and some character so I thought of my sisters while molding and creating them lol. 

 Ok, so these are my three sisters. I think the're so beautiful, if they see this I hope they think so too, lol.

   The youngest of all is Alina. Talk about the ultimate super mom, she juggles it all and if that wasn't enough, she also takes care of my mom. Enjoys life to the fullest and never stops. Has the most amazing kids. Always planning the next family adventure, this family is constantly having fun. Some what of a minimalist, if she doesn't need it she just doesn't have it. I wan't to be like that, but I'm a hoarder, I love my art supplies, there I said it.

This one is my sister China. She had to wait a little longer to become a mom, but what a mom she is. Has the most amazing kids. She's my vintage, shabby sister. Happily living her ever after in a little southern farm, animals and all. For her, everything is home made from scratch with lots of love and the crafter of the family, best cook ever. I also want to be like her, but I so can't boil water.   

This is my sister Mayra, the oldest of the three. She's a successful go-getter business owner. A very hard worker that somehow does a great job at managing home,work and loves to travel. Her kids are the oldest, but she's still on mom mode all the time. Has the most amazing kids. She's regal and elegant, very organized and OMG so super clean. I want to be like her, I want my home to be clean even in the areas no one can see,lol.  

I think In some ways we are all different and kinda the same, if that makes any sense. We all have a little of our hardworking, kind, grateful, giving, talented and funny parents in us.


  1. Marlene, I know I would be flattered to have someone make a special little something after
    These are just beautiful I just know your sisters will be so happy you created these in honor of them ;-)
    I love the vintage jewels you use to jazz them all up a little bling goes a long
    I hope you a having a very Happy New Year....


  2. Those are adorable little fairy heads...♥ the vintage jewelry. Sisters are the best!

  3. They are all just gorgeous! What a beautiful imagination you have and a fun creative craft. It's nice to try different things when they turn out this amazing. Enjoy your week! It got cold here last night! Hugs!


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